Born in 1997, Aurora MESOT is a Swiss autodidact artist. She was passionate about the art world at a young age, she found refuge in it. Aurora walks with curiosity through the infinite beauty and the multiple techniques of art. She works with several mediums such as poetry, clay, drawing, music and dance, but she blossoms through painting.

Everything began at the age of eleven, when she fell under the charm of “The Scream”, a painting for which her fascination has remained unchanged since then. The power of this art piece, and the emotion that it brings out, has opened doors for Aurora. She is now opening new ones through the art she creates.

The infinity of the Universe makes her live to the fullest. Always studying, searching, understanding and wanting to explore new ways of the infinite; she questions her fears, her strength, and her essence through painting. Aurora MESOT finds her way through creation.

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