Aurora Mesot
Painter and graphic designer

The Big Butt

Sometimes perverted like objects, sometimes adored like goddesses. Isn’t it time to let them speak and show themselves on their behalf? It is interesting to want to understand the choices of the author of the original book. Why her choices are so close to the cliché when the desire is to represent the way in which butts are perceived? The fun of a comical experience was the main driving force of it. Here, the desire is to offer you a new pair of glasses. Knowing how to change the way we look, letting our eyes follow the most subtle curves, trusting the intimate and the poetry that cradles it.

Editorial work, 130 x 100mm, 120 pages, 115 photos.

Bettie Page, Jackie Miller, Cynthia Wrenick, Maian Biron, Gloria Dawn, Angela and Dawn, Peggy Mills, Lavonne Hayman, Lucille Turner, Lavonne Hayman, Leah Harris, Marie Fanelli, Miz Exclusive, Janice Demowski, Thea Miro, Sharon Church, Lili Duchee, Lulu Wilmot, Ann Darby, Ethel Blue, Valerie Blanes, Dolly Riley, Stacey Walker, Kay Lornwall, Suzie Johnson, Susan Stough, Linda Miller, Marie Fanelli, Sophia Taylor, Ruth Bowles, Magda Bert, Thea Miro, Maria Hill, Wanda Bilmer, Terry Crawford, Janice Criswell, Candy, Parthenia Allen, Gwen Jones, Liselle Kramer, Jerry Hepburn, Aminha, Unknown

Text by
Aurora Mesot and Joé Pellegrino

Design direction by
Thomas Bizzarri and Alain Rodriguez

Designed by
Aurora Mesot, Baptiste Monzies, Joé Pellegrino and Loan Duret

Inspiration from
The Big Butt Book 3D by Dian Hanson